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In 50 countries across the world, and in more and more homes in India, Warren Quality has not only stood the test of time and palate, but matured and improved with its passage. Vigilant monitoring at every step, gifted tea tasters and other specialist skills give every cup full value for money.

Every package that leaves the company is inspected by independent surveyors and Warren’s shipping department handles consignments and storage so that consumers get garden-fresh produce every time. Computerized operations, constant upgradation of packaging material, and bulk packaging expertise, help Warren achieve consistently high levels of customer satisfaction.

All tea estates of the Company continue to have Rainforest Alliance Certification, ISO 22000:2005 Certification as well as Trustee Verification Certification apart from continuing to be participants of the Ethical Tea Partnership Programme of UK. The Company’s Integrated Pest Management Policy for agro inputs are in consonance with the Plant Protection Code of the Tea Board of India and continues to be ever watchful on the issues of Maximum (Permissible Chemicals) Residue Limits.