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Warren’s 7 tea estates in Upper Assam are among the best managed, quality-yielding plantation in the world. Some tea growers have a reputation to live up to. Warren Tea Limited is famous the world over. Run by professional planters with mature experience in tea growing, Warren’s crop represents the finest Assam teas for the quality markets. They are particularly known for their rich liquor, brightness, briskness and strength. Every two leaves and a bud plucked by the trained nimble fingers of the Warren plantation workers, is grown under the strict supervision of acknowledged specialists and is the product of very advanced crop management practices. The clonal percentage of Warren’s tea remains high – yet another reason for quality being better.

Added  to this superb garden husbandry are  planned expansion, modern management, state-of-the-art processing facilities, and a Quality Assurance programme that runs through the system. At tea factories of each Warren estate, first class made-teas are produced consistently through meticulous systems planning and the application of modern facilities under expert supervision. Specialist skills and processes for quality control at every stage of manufacture ensure the Warren cup of excellence.