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At a Meeting of the Directors of the Company held on 16.02.2012 the following businesses have been transacted:

1.  The Board of Directors has been reconstituted as follows:

Non-Executive Directors

Mr. Chandra K Dhanuka, Chairman
Mr. Pradip K Khaitan, Vice Chairman
Mr. A.K.Ruia
Mr. S. Bhoopal
Mr. N.Dutta
Mr. Akhil Ruia
Mr. Ankit Ruia
Mr. Rajat Agarwalla

Wholetime Directors

Mr. Vinay K. Goenka, Executive Chairman
Mr. S.K.Ghosh,  Managing Director

2. Closure of Division

The Board decided for commercial considerations to close down Warren Travels, a Division of the Company with effect from close of business hours of 31st March, 2012.

3. Demerger

The Board has approved in principle the demerger of seven tea estates of the Company to a separate company.  Detailed approval will be considered by the Board at a subsequent meeting.

4. Disinvestment in Warren Steels Private Limited

The Board decided for commercial considerations to dispose off the Company’s investment in Warren Steels Private Limited.

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